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NEW Animal Region at the Columbus Zoo!!

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has been named the #1 Zoo in the United States more than one time in its history. The top zoo spot was given to them in 2009 by USA Travel Guide, and again in 2012 by Besties Readers' Choice, just to name a few. If you have ever had the opportunity to visit Jack Hanna's Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, you would see why they where named #1. Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo take pride in the many conservation programs they help supposrt, and this hasn't changed with their newest animal region.

The Columbus Zoo creatively Sets up its animal exhibits by regions of the world. The newest region of the world that will debut Tomorrow, May 22nd 2014 is the HEart of Africa. This new region will provide habitats for around 150 animals, which can be found roaming Africa. With this new region, zoo guests will be able to see so many native African animals like: Cheetahs, Blue Neck Ostriches, African Lions, Camels, Wildebeests, Zebras, and many more. Guests can get up close and personal with lions and even feed giraffes in this new region. You and your family can also enjoy a camel ride, cultural activities, live performers, and games in the Heart of Africa region. Watch the fastest animal on the planet at the cheetah run, or take in the views of the savanna, while the animals gather around the watering hole.

Wildlife in Africa increasinly competes with humans for habitat, food, and space. The Columbus Zoo works with several conservation programs in Africa to mitigate threats to both wildlife and people living there, by creating a balance between both their needs. Here are a few of the programs the zoo and the new region of the zoo help to support:

Ewaso Lions

  • Kenya's lions and other large carnivores.
  • Promotes coexistence between the animals and farmers.

Grevy's Zebra Trust

  • Ethiopia and Kenya
  • Priority is to manage grazing of livestock on rangelans shared with zebras.

Pan American Sanctuary Alliance

  • Across Africa, only alliance of wildlife sanctuaries and conservation partners working to protect primates and their habitats.

Serengeti Giraffes Project

  • Researchers in Tanzania working to develop effective monitoring techniques to understand how to help stop the decline of Giraffes.

Whatever activity you are looking for the Columbus Zoo has it all!! For ticket information, Zoo & Zoombezi Bay information, Click Here http://www.columbuszoo.org/default.aspx !!

To learn more about the new Heart of Africa region, and ALL the conservation programs the Columbus Zoo helps support in Africa, Click Here http://heartofafrica.columbuszoo.org/ !!

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